“Fallen Fruit” is an ongoing series documenting the damaged or rotten produce that finds its way into my kitchen.  Long past any perceived expiration date, ravaged by time and circumstance, these things are wilted, moldy, or disfigured, often beyond any potential for consumption.


At first glance the images allude to themes of food waste, and by proxy, food inequality, the environment and global hunger; it’s no secret our food system is broken, and in light of this fact I’m constantly considering the repercussions of my own food choices.  The strange result of this habit: I can’t help but document the produce that I’ve wasted, things left on the vine or expired in my fridge… like a confession of my sins.

But upon inspection — or perhaps introspection — these subjects also suggest more intangible themes of transience and decay.  They inspire empathy; I treat them gently, photographing them as though taking their portraits, attempting to lay bare their fragility, their intrinsic beauty.  

Perhaps I find these forlorn objects so compelling because their state feels somehow familiar.  Ravaged by time, imperfect by circumstance, I recognize my own vulnerability to the forces of nature in every defective piece of fruit.

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©Julie Fowells