about me

I grew up in the kind of small town every teenager wants to get out of.  Since moving to Los Angeles, where I'm currently based, I've spent most of my time trying to recapture the kind of life I left behind, growing my own food and playing guitar on the porch.  

I've recently returned to photographs after a stint as a musician, but both mediums have more in common than one might think:  as in music, the good stuff of photography happens in the space between things, and that’s where my interest lies... especially the tension between humanity and the natural world: our desire to experience it, our instinct to contain it, and our attempts to push it aside.

I approach a camera like a window:  both as a means of detachment - even protection - from whatever lies behind it, and as something to frame my surroundings - a tool to focus my gaze.  

At the same time, I try to treat the lens like a permeable membrane. Sometimes I try to make it disappear.

I tend towards the overly elliptical.

I wear Birkenstocks without shame.  

I always return the shopping cart.

I’d almost aways rather eat outside.

I can fix anything, even if it’s not actually broken.

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